Build and test your eCommerce website using our testing procedures below to ensure your website is running smoothly before going live. You can use our provided test credit card information, test Customer ID number and test URL addresses before accepting online payments from your customers.

You can test the eWAY payment service before your account is active by using the following test information. Once your EasyPayWay account is activated, update to the live environment for your website to run live and accept online payments.

Test Gateway URLs

The payment solution has a test gateway URL which will allow you to build and test online transactions before going live.

Test Merchant Hosted:

Payment Request:


Payment Result:


Test Customer ID

A Customer ID number is needed within the eWAY payment service code in order to authenticate the payment.

Test Customer ID: 87654321

Test User Name: TestAccount

Note: This ID will only work on the test gateway.

Test Credit Card Number

To test the eWAY gateway has been integrated successfully you will need to process a transaction. Our test credit card number will allow you to process any transaction on your website as many times as needed with the result of the transaction being displayed in real time.

Test credit card number:- 4444333322221111

Note: This credit card number will only work on the test gateway.

Test Results

Depending on the pence value passed through the gateway the result will either return as transaction successful or failed.

View the full list of response codes to see which ones will pass a successful transaction on the test gateway.

Example: £10.00 will return a response code 00 - Transaction Approved.