Accepted Credit Cards


VISA is deservedly considered to be one of the most highly recognized credit cards worldwide: over 58 billion transactions are processed every year with its assistance. Visa can be generally distinguished with a registered PCI DSS compliant provider of services. This registry points out at providers that are reliable and trusted by Visa. Visit the Visa Registry for additional information on this registry.



MasterCard credit card processor amounts to approximately 21 billion transactions every year, thus making this system one of the most popular credit cards for banking transactions all over the world.

Visa Electron

Visa Electron cards include specific in-built security features that do not allow cardholders to overspend accidentally and they are accepted all over the world. With regard to the fact that more consumers have started to use debit cards instead of credit cards, Visa Electron merchant credit card processing through the EasyPayWay Payment Gateway will help to customize your business to this new and very popular consumer trend.

Mastercard Maestro

Maestro refers to MasterCard International's leading debit brand offering over 540 million cardholders convenient and highly reliable and secure access to their deposit and current accounts in more than 100 countries across the globe. By accepting Maestro you will make your online payment processing even more effective and convenient.

BRAC Bank Limited i-Wallet

BRAC Bank Limited i-Wallet relates to Bangladesh's first e-commerce banking system in alliance with Visa. Build profitable financial institution concentrated mainly on business growth and market potential of healthy democratic, enlightened and prosperous Bangladesh.

Dutch Bangla Bank Nexsus Cards

DBBL Debit/Credit Cards

DBBL is the market leader in Debit Cards. All DBBL debit cards gives you unlimited and free access to all DBBL ATMs and POS nationwide. There are no transaction or hidden costs associated with DBBL cards and accounts. By default, when opening a DBBL account, all clients will receive the DBBL Nexus


Q-CASH Cards: Nationwide Coverage

With 26+ Bank in the rapidly evolving arena of Electronic Payment & Transaction System Q-Cash provide banks and retailers with an advanced infrastructure for Online Transaction Processing & Settlement; while operating the largest independent ATM & Merchant network in Bangladesh by accepting all major International & Domestic Cards. Q-Cash is building a growing electronic transaction processing capacity; offers a suite of integrated retail banking products that include ATM management, POS and merchant systems, credit and debit card systems and exclusive Islamic Credit Card Management system in Bangladesh.

Anytime, anywhere with EasyPayWay credit card processors is an effective way to develop your business and succeed in conquering a stable niche within the ever growing marketplace. We offer our clients only top class credit card processing services and ensure secure connection to the international banking network. Credit card processors allow easy, safe, fast and protected monetary transactions. Our services are tailored with regard to your business needs and available budget. By choosing EasyPayWay as your online payment gateway, you can increase your customer base and maintain them with simple and secure automated credit card payment processing. Make a large step towards the expansion of your online business with EasyPayWay!

Simple merchant credit card processing software

At EasyPayWay, we want to be №1 choice for your online business. Therefore we are here to supply each our customer with secure electronic payment processing and professional support. As an experienced industry leader, EasyPayWay is able to meet the needs of even the most demanding client and always offer state-of-the-art technologies, merchant credit card processing software of the premium quality and 100% protection of all the sensible data with SSL Encryption.

Credit card payment processing is now made as easy as ABC for your convenience ensuring additional security, reliability, unsurpassed customer services and cost-effective transactions. At EasyPayWay, we are ready to deliver beyond all your expectations!

What credit cards do we accept?

As an experienced and effective credit card processor, we understand you may have the necessity to select from the most convenient merchant services providers and have a variety of available options. Therefore we have forged with premiere financial networks that will allow our clients to save budget on their processing costs and attract more potential customers. By teaming up with EasyPayWay, you can rest assured that every processed transaction is backed up by the most reputable and robust networks available (including Visa, MasterCard, Visa Electron, MasterCard Maestro, BRAC Bank).

Make a first step and set up an EasyPayWay merchant account to accept credit cards. This will allow easy and reliable settlement of credit card transactions with an established payment processor. The next thing you will have to do is to deposit the funds into a checking account of any appropriate bank that you will choose from the merchant account.

Using merchant processing, you can perform card transactions in a variety of ways including traditional terminals, by phone, using computers and via the World Wide Web. Chose the most suitable payment processing solution with regard to the type of the business you run.

Use EasyPayWay platform to enlarge your online business! Browse the website for more detailed information regarding our services and guarantees. In case you will come across any questions, feel free to contact us and specify all the required data.